The newly bornIREX

is committed to making products more human and nature friendly.

Samsung Precision is a hardware company that has grown into a global company by operating
the businesses of furniture hardware and system window hardware.
Samsung Precision is innovating as a cutting-edge company to create more human and
environment friendly products using its existing hardware digital technology.
  • Jan-18
    1st place in domestic furniture
    hardware companies
  • Nov-10
    Awarded for 5 Million USD Export Prize
  • Mar-09
    Patent Registration No. 0888373
    (Shock absorber for furniture door
    with built-in tension adjusting means)
  • Dec-08
    Awarded for 3 Million USD Export Prize
  • Feb-06
    Commendation from the SME Special
    Committee of the President
  • Feb-05
    Selected as INNO-BIZ - Small and
    Medium Business Administration
    (Innovative Technology SME)
  • Jun-01
    Acquired KS (Korean Industrial
    Standard) (Sash door roller)
  • Nov-00
    Acquired KS (Korea Industrial
    Standard) (Cup hinge)
  • Sep-00
    Increased capital (current capital of 3.8 Billion KRW)
  • Dec-00
    Samsung Precision Industries Technology Research Institute received accreditation
  • Dec-99
    Acquired KSA/ISO 9001 certification - Korean Standards Association
  • Mar-99
    Awarded Presidential Commendation
  • Mar-98
    Selected as a venture company
  • Jan-95
    Registration of IREX brand trademark
  • Nov-94
    Acquired certifications from British Industry Standard (Fila), Acquired American Industrial Standard (ANSI/BHMA)
  • Nov-93
    Commendation from Minister of Commerce and Industry on Trade Day
  • Nov-91
    Exported HINGE PLANT to Hebei Province, China
  • Apr-88
    Transformed into a corporation - Samsung Precision Industries Co., Ltd.
  • Jul-87
    Selected as a promising SME
  • Feb-79
    Samsung Precision Industries was established