The newly bornIREX

is committed to making products more human and nature friendly.

Samsung Precision is a hardware company that has grown into a global company by operating
the businesses of furniture hardware and system window hardware.
Samsung Precision is innovating as a cutting-edge company to create more human and
environment friendly products using its existing hardware digital technology.
CEO Greetings

Since its establishment in 1979

Samsung Precision has grown up into a furniture hardware company for more than 38 years, and is also growing steadily from the best in the country to the one of the world's best hardware company under continuous R&D, bold investment and development in human resources.

In addition, we are now in a position to compete with the leading European hardware companies with our qualified products in furniture hardware (furniture hinges, furniture shock absorbers, drawers), wardrobe (dress room system) and sash rollers of our main businesses Technology Research Institute at Samsung Precision, which is the source of this quality, has patented many new technologies every year in Korea and overseas, and also has been recognized its technical skills in the domestic and international markets.

As your companion, we will do our best to make great contribution to your company's growth and promise to give you the best products and best service.